Getting Your Website Online: A Brief Tutorial on Domains and Web Hosting

It is not difficult getting your website online. A website or a web page is summoned by a browser using the instructions that are there on the page. Every web page will have instructions in the HTML format. All the computers are connected to each other and communicate with each other using a common web protocol. This way each of the computers is assigned a number and this serves as its address. Web hosting and domains are integral parts of the web.

Let us see how this ‘getting your website online’ works from a customer’s point of view. For your web page to be online the hosting concern should make the bandwidth available to your site 24×7. The bandwidth should be adequate, meaning that if it is too little, the speed will be lacking. It will take forever for the page to load and another eternity for the applications to open. If you opt for a superior package you will get the services which are fast, reliable and provide a lot of perks in the form of applications and discounts.

The domain is the name that you use to identify your web space. You can change it around to any other place or make changes in the design whenever you want. You may even sell the domain to another person provided there is no previous condition preventing such a transaction from happening. A domain name is not necessary to start out, but it is highly recommended to increase trust and the overall success of your website.

Actually designing the website is the work of a web designer. He or she is the person who knows the right ingredients to use and the methodology of the web hosting. Certain potions of the web page will work better if it were coded in a different language or if certain type of codes were used. This is why we pay the designer a lot of money. They make sure that the page is presentable and the website functions smoothly.

server-network-panelMany web hosting companies will give you packaged deals which include multiple domains, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. If you are just starting out you should use a shared hosting plan that usually costs between four – seven dollars per month. Shared hosting works well for beginners and novices a like and should have everything you will need to get started.

If and when your website grows in size and popularity upgrading to a virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server is very common practice. If you already have a website and it’s having issues with loading speed, downtime, or other issues try to investigate into what is causing these problems. If you find out that it’s your web hosting plan and you are currently on a shared hosting environment consider the possibility that you might need to upgrade your hosting to the next level. Sometimes problems have nothing to due with the hosting environment and everything to due with the configuration/settings of your website, improper coding, or the use of bad scripts or plugins/add-ons. This is why it is very important to get to the root cause of your website’s issues so that you can fix them without any unnecessary costs or wasted time.

In the next post we’ll dive into domains deeper; searching for domain names, registering domains, and finding out information about domains that are already registered with a domain registrar.

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